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Table of Contents
Volume II, Number 3, 1991

Senior Editor Editorial Coordinator
Alberto M. Bento
University of Baltimore
Chetana Sundaresh
University of Baltimore


Examination of the Software Development Backlog Problem    Satish Chandra and Dennis Menezes     1
End User Dependence on Computer Technology   Jawaid A. Ghani and Cherackal Chacko     9

Case and short studies

Information Systems Quality and Value: A Comparison Study of User versus IS Perceptions   Leslie A. Christensen and Robert D. Smith     17
Technology-Supported Anonymous Voting and Large Group Participation: An Experimental Study   William R. Delone and Elmore R. Alexander     25
The Role of Management Information Systems in Environmental Scanning: A Strategic Issue   Mark N. Frolick and Houston H. Carr     33

Book Reviews

Introduction to Object-Oriented Databases   By Won Kim   Reviewed by James N. Morgan     39
Object-Oriented Design with Applications   By Grady Booch   Reviewed by Jo-Mae B. Maris     41

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