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Table of Contents
Volume VII, Numbers 1&2, 1996

Senior Editor Editorial Coordinator
Dr. Albert Lederer
University of Kentucky
Karin Rivera
University of Kentucky


Operational Success of Computer Systems in the Marketing Function    David J. Good and Robert W. Stone     1
The Influence of Organizational Factors on CASE Technology Adoption   James T.C. Teng and Anthony Nelson     13
Assessing EIS Benefits: A Survey of Current Practices   Hugh J. Watson, Jay E. Aronson, Ralph H. Hamilton, Lakshmi Iyer, Murli Nagasundaram, Hamid Nemati and James Suleiman     23
An Empirical Investigation of a Computer Aptitude Test as a Determinant of Computer Programming Performance   Ashok Subramanian and Kailash Joshi     31

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