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Table of Contents
Volume XIX, Number 4, 2008

Senior Editors Editor-in-Chief
Michael Chung
California State University,
Long Beach
Jane Fedorowicz
Bentley College
Al Bento
University of Baltimore


Retaining Talent: Assessing Job Satisfaction Facets Most Significantly Related To Software Developer Turnover Intentions    Steven G. Westlund and John C. Hannon     1
Evaluation Criteria For Selecting Offshoring Candidates: An Analysis of Practices in German Businesses    Markus K. Westner and Susanne Strahringer     16
Selecting It Projects: Political Activity And Procedural Rationality   Satyendra Singh and James D. Mckeen     35

Short Study

Real-Time Telecommunication Software: a Framework for Selection   Steven D. Seilheimer     60

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