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Table of Contents
Volume XXIX, Number 4, 2018

Associate Editors Editor-in-Chief
Michael Chung
California State University,
Long Beach
Jane Fedorowicz
Bentley University
Al Bento
University of Baltimore

Assistant Editor

Ana Bento
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


How to Measure IT Effectiveness: The CIO's Perspective  Xihui Zhang,Thomas F. Stafford,Ali Murad,Adam Risher, and Jordan Simmons

Electronic Shelf Labels: Prototype Development and Validation Using a Design Science Approach   Taewon Suh,Hyung-Sin Kim,Jeongil Ko,Vishag Badrinarayanan, and Aewoong Bahk     23
Exploring Social Media Analytics on Community Development Practices   Di Shang and Mohammed Ghriga     39
A Comparative Content Analysis of The Services of Arab Parliamentary Websites   Majdi Soubhi Arrif     49

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