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Table of Contents
Volume XXV, Number 2, 2014

Senior Editors Editor-in-Chief
Michael Chung
California State University,
Long Beach
Jane Fedorowicz
Bentley University
Al Bento
University of Baltimore

Assistant Editor

Ana Bento
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


A Study of Factors Resulting to Online Community Formation   Mayank Sharma,Pradeep Kumar, and Bharat Bhasker

Citizen Engagement 2.0: An Analysis of Official City Facebook Pages to Determine Antecedents to Digital Civic Engagement   Shannon Howle Tufts     15
Effective Information Systems: Attitudes of Executives on The Contributions of Information Systems to Strategic Decision Making   Muhammed Ademola Badamas     22
Managing the Influence of Individual Aspiration in Indian IT Work Environment   Jayanta Debnath     31
Managing Software Projects under Foreseen Uncertainty   Rahul Thakurta     40

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