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Table of Contents
Volume VI, Number 1, 1995

Senior Editor Editorial Coordinator
Dr. Albert Lederer
University of Kentucky
Karin Rivera
University of Kentucky


The Relationship Between Software Project Characteristics, Case Technology, and Software Development Productivity    Ronald H. Rasch, Andrew D. Cuccia and Tarek Amer     1
Assessing Hospital Efficiency over Time: An Empirical Application of Data Envelopment Analysis   Robert W. Rutledge, Sharon Parsons and Richard Knaebel     13
External Cooperative Relationships in Information Technology Management: Alternatives, Challenges and Management Response   Patricia Lash, Joyce Elam and Daniel Robey     25
Information Technology's Use in Measuring Service Quality: Case Study at Total System Services, Inc.   Shetan S. Sankar, Nancy Davidson and Marc Miller     33


Information Technology and Workplace Democracy   by Martin Beirne and Harvie Ramsay (Editors)    Reviewed by Eliezer Geisler     41
The Technology Payoff: How to Profit With Empowered Workers in the Information Age   by Gerald M. Hoffman    Reviewed by Yair M. Bahad     43
Systems Analysis and Design: Best Practices   by James Wetherbe and Nicholas Vitalari    Reviewed by Mohan Tannirv     45

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