Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM)
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Table of Contents
Volume X, Number 3-4, 1999

Senior Editor Editorial Coordinator
Dr. Albert Lederer
University of Kentucky
Karin Rivera
University of Kentucky


The Triangular Structure of Key Actors in Outsourced IS Projects    Sang-Kon Lee, Jinjoo Lee and Hyunsik Shin.     1
The Perceived Need and Usage of Project Management Control During the Implementation of Systems Development Methologies   Tom L. Roberts, Jr., Rusell L. Purvis and Monica J. Parzinger     25
Software Process Improvement Development an Empirical Perspective   Jean-Pierre Kuilboer and Noushin Ashrafi     35
Developing and Evaluating methods for User Satisfaction Measurement in Practicee   Marie Christine and Lynn Bouchard     49
Plugging the Knowledge Drain: Strategies and Technologies for Acquiring Knowledge in Lean Organizations   Kathy Stewart, Veda Storey and Daniel Robey     59

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