Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM)
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Table of Contents
Volume XVIII, Number 1, 2007

Senior Editors Editor-in-Chief
Michael Chung
California State University,
Long Beach
Jane Fedorowicz
Bentley College
Al Bento
University of Baltimore


Can Distributed Databases Provide An Effective Means Of Speeding Up Web Access Times?   Christopher G. Brown, Dennis Guster and Sara Krzenski     1
What Is Hampering Online Shopping In China?   Carol Xiaojuan Ou, Choon Ling Sia and Probir Banerjee     16
The Career Development of Women Executives In Information Technology    Rose Mary Wentling and Steven Thomas     33
Developing Information Technology Strategy For Business Value    Heather A. Smith, James D. Mckeen and Satyendra Singh     49

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