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Table of Contents
Volume XXVII, Number 3, 2016

Senior Editors Editor-in-Chief
Michael Chung
California State University,
Long Beach
Jane Fedorowicz
Bentley University
Al Bento
University of Baltimore

Assistant Editor

Ana Bento
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Managing a Business Ecosystem in the Piloting of a Technology-Based Health-Exercise Service  Elina Annanperä, Kari Liukkunen,and Jouni Markkula

ATCG: An Automated Test Case Generator  Charles P. Morgan, Mark L. Gillenson, Xihui Zhang, Son N. Bui, Euntae "Ted" Lee     112
Exploring the Profile of Smartphone Users and Determining the Factors Affecting the Smart Intense Use (SMI) Through the Technology Acceptance Model: A Greek Case Study   Fronimaki Evgenia and Mavri Maria     121

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