Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM)
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On-line Issues

The JITM is published quarterly on the Web and once a year in paper format, from 2005 on. The JITM started publication as a quarterly peer reviewed publication in 1990, in printed format only.

New issues

Volume XV was published on the Web by the first time with original articles in December 2004. In 2019 the JITM celebrates 30 years of publication.

Past issues

Past issues of the JITM were converted to the Web and posted here. Not all old issues were found. If you have one of them please help us to post it online contacting us. The following issues are available online:

Contact information

Dr. Al Bento
Journal of Information Technology Management
Merrick School of Business
University of Baltimore
1420 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201

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